Stand C35

VUCITY is the first ever fully interactive 3D digital model of London. It currently covers almost 200 km sq of central London, captured mostly from aerial imagery flown in 2013 and 2015 with new 2016 imagery already ordered. The model is accurate to 15cm in each axis. A large number of landmark buildings such as the skyscrapers in the City of London, The Shard and all Thames bridges are upgraded to Level of Detail 4 to include façade detail. Proposed and consented developments are constantly being added to the model. VUCITY allows developers, planners and architects to add their existing, current and proposed developments, overlay city and environmental data but also – as the model is georeferenced – to overlay and display their own spatial databases. VUCITY also features a number of core functionalities such as sun path visualisations, various camera types and the ability to turn on and off planned and proposed developments. VUCITY can help inform the debate around many of the planning issues and will help those involved to make the best decisions.