Stand N18
Systemline offer multi and single room audio solutions designed to offer the best possible music and TV experience throughout the home and is fast becoming the go-to product to install in new builds, developments and renovations to add the all important value-added feature that buyers have come to expect. With full Bluetooth connectivity and a wealth of streaming options, Systemline offer a variety of solutions that can be integrated into key rooms and boasts a dedicated app and even motion control. It can be packaged in various options for your buyer to offer ultimately customizability that works for you and the buyer. A British brand, Systemline is a completely wired and fitted system, which beautifully complements the house design adding saleability and value to each installation. This system truly makes music part of the home which is a very attractive prospect in new-builds and developments. Systemline will continue to innovate and develop solutions appropriate for all levels of the installation market, based on a ‘wired-for-wireless’ infrastructure, designed to ensure maximum reliability