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At SCOTTISH AND SOUTHERN ELECTRICITY NETWORKS we own and operate two electricity distribution license areas in Britain. These are located in the north of Scotland and central southern England. Our electricity distribution networks are the systems of overhead lines and underground cables that deliver electricity to people’s homes and businesses.  Our priority is to not only ‘keep the lights on’ but to help those that need one to get a speedy connection to our network.

As a Distribution Network Operators (DNO) and provider of services to people who want to use or generate electricity in our area we are committed to acting on feedback we receive from our stakeholders to help us continuously improve.

We actively engage with stakeholders who have an ongoing need  to connect to our network, to help us better understand them and their needs when it comes to getting connected. Every year we turn what we hear from customers into a concrete plan of action and a series of priority areas for attention, you can view this year’s plan

London Build and Scotland Build are two of a series of events we engage in every year to ensure we are getting out there and hearing the views of our stakeholders. For full details of other engagement events we offer please visit our online calendar