Stand E50

OrthoGraph Ltd. develops a professional mobile floor plan survey software for everyone who needs to map out and measure buildings quickly and accurately. Our solution captures shapes and dimensions, and turns them into building calculations on site, or into a professional BIM model for further processing (in .pdf, .xlsx, .ifc, and .dxf formats).
The program is made up by two components: an application running on iOS and Android mobile devices for your site work, and a cloud platform which allows file backup, teamwork and project sharing. Combine OrthoGraph with a handheld laser distance meter, in order to drastically reduce the time spent on site surveys.
At London Build, OrthoGraph Ltd. presents the latest, smartphone-compatible version of its award winning software, which is targeted for architects, engineers, chartered surveyors, property developers, estate agents, facility managers, builders, contractors, housing associations, and many more.