Natural Cement

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Natural Cement Distribution Ltd have been manufacturing and distributing high quality Natural Cement products both nationally and internationally from South Yorkshire in the UK for many years.

All our products are based on a Natural Cement binder that has been in use for over 200 years in both the construction and mining industries and recently extensively within the railway industry.

There are no chemical additives involved in the manufacturing of Natural Cement making it one of the most environmentally friendly cement products that is available.

One of the main advantages of our products is its fast setting properties which for our customers is often a main priority when selecting a product.

Other advantages of our product are:

  • We produce products that are safe to use with marine life and potable drinking water.
  • Our products are chemical resistant
  • They can be used in both wet and cold conditions

Natural Cement products have been involved with many projects within all sections of the railway industry, Civil Engineering, water industry and utilities as well as construction industries throughout the UK and worldwide.