La Escandella

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La Escandella is one of the largest manufacturers of clay roof tile of the world with an onsite production capacity over 100 million tiles per year which allow us to distribute our products in more than 70 countries. Our manufacturing plant, headquartered in Alicante (Spain), includes the latest technology

During the last months, La Escandella has aggressively pushed forward a product roadmap with new investment and new products ahead. We have recently introduced a new line of flat profile of clay roof tiles:

  • Visum3®:  a patented flat interlocking shingle clay tile that looks like three when installed.
  • Planum®: an interlocking slab clay tile that resembles natural slate.
  • Vienna®: an interlocking slab clay tile that resembles a monocanal tile.
  • Innova®: an interlocking slab clay tile which makes a very innovative Marseille tile


More information about those profile can be seen at

La Escandella tiles meet and exceed the most demanding, strictest standards for fired clay roof tiles. La Escandella tiles are designed to protect the building under extreme conditions, heavy wind driven rain, fire, freeze/thaw..


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