High Speed Two (HS2 LTD)

Stand H65

HS2 will be a high-speed railway connecting London to Birmingham from 2026, Crewe by 2027 and then, along a Y-shaped route, to Manchester and Leeds from 2033.  It will provide fast, frequent and reliable services for over 100 cities and towns, including eight of the UK’s largest urban areas.  As soon as the project breaks ground, almost a decade before the first passengers board the new trains, HS2 will be a catalyst for growth across Britain, opening up local and regional markets, attracting investment and improving skills and job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people across the whole country.


Unlocking the potential of our cities, HS2 will connect them faster than ever before with modern and innovative train services. The new lines will also free up extra capacity for local passenger and freight services on the existing rail network.  HS2 is a unique opportunity to develop the UK’s skills base, with construction alone expected to create nearly 25,000 jobs, including 2,000 apprenticeships.