Dudley Industries Ltd

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Dudley Industries is a British company based in Lancashire, operating in multiple markets glob-ally. The company was originally established in 1942 for the production of roller towel cabinets for Initial UK and has since grown in to a world-class design- er and manufacturer of innovative quality stainless steel products in both wash-room and sub contract services.Dudley offers a dedicated service for bespoke and standard stainless steel products and solutions by work-ing closely with you and your team to develop effective solutions tailored to your requirements. With over 70 years of experience we ensure high quality manufacturing expertise and professional design and consultancy service.We are a leading supplier of washroom equip- ment to the top 5 Blue Chip washroom consum- able companies worldwide and have a reputation with our UK and EU customers for providing high quality, durable stainless steel products at com- petitive prices through an effective short supply chain ensuring an ef cient delivery service within the marketplace. We are recognised as a provider of attractive, functional and competitively priced commercial and public washroom products