Chêne De Lux

Stand L29

Chêne De Lux is a Luxemburg based company which is specialized in import and export of oak. Each client is treated as an individual by the company, he can choose the composition of each delivery. A delivery may consist of a single size of board or up to as many as the client wants in the quantity he prefers. The customer determines the sizes for each delivery and per pack, but naturally each pack has a fixed size. Wholesale deliveries can be both boards and/or beams for volumes from 20m³. Deliveries go directly from the sawmill to the customer.For our profiles we have dried material in stock. All sidings for outdoor use are KD to 18% humidity, flooring are KD up to 10%. These boards are profiled to the specifications and needs of the customer. Eastern European oak is harder and more uniform in color.The quality is saw-falling so the product offered is a composition of a natural variation from first choice to QF3.

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