Advanced Thermal Build Solutions


Advanced Thermal Build Solutions Ltd is a design and build company that has been set up in order to build the walls and floor elements of our wall-ing system Sunbloc – and flooring system V-Tec – . ATBS can be subcontracted out by any main contractor, we also offer first hand training on all our products. Currently ATBS is quoting projects up to an beyond £50 million.The company has been developing and technolo-gies and chemical products devoted to Construction, Building, Furniture, Automotive and marine vehicles in its manufacturing plant established in Hadımköy-Istanbul.Akkim continuously invests in Research and Development. In addition to the products developed in previous years, the Company has been adding new products to its portfolio each year. Akkim, which has been channelling most of its manufacturing towards exporting currently exports to more than 98 countries. Furthermore, it has been among the greatest industrial enterpris-es of Turkey and sustains this ascendance every passing year